Innovative cutting

4Life is an innovation system in the cutting tools, resulting from the assembly of 4 high precision parts:
  • Roughing Inserts
  • Cutting Fractionation
  • Double clearance cutting edge
  • Cutting edge with NaDia DLC coating

4Life revolutionary inserts design, enables the roughing and finish mould to work simultaneously, conferring a coordination and effectiveness to the cutting process never achieved before.
Every used knife is grinded with a double clearance and coated with the exclusive NaDia Diamond coating to ensure a maximum accuracy and durability of the components. 4Life becomes a "ZERO TOLLERANCE" system thanks to the HSK Hydro.

Technical advantages

4Life has been designed and tested to overcome all the technical issues which are present in the different processing stages. In every technical specification, from designing to assembling the inserts, 4Life represents a revolution in the techniques and technologies of industrial cutting.


Roughing insert combined with the finish insert

The share cut reduces considerably the loads on the engine shaft. The particular cutting angle and the reduced distance between the cutting edges, prevents effectively the micro-vibrations of the tool, preserving the product working process. The special assembly of the inserts limits the chipping during the tenoning and scribing process, ensuring an excellent finish across the grain.


Precision and durability
Precision and durability

Double rake grinding inserts with NaDia diamond coating

The double rake grinding reduces the cutting wear due to the contacting at the critical phase of the wooden chip removal. Thanks to the particular Tct micro-grade carbide combined with the quality of the grinding process, allow us to have a high performance cutting edge. NaDia coating extends the initial cutting quality to many meters compared with what obtained from the same uncoated inserts, reducing replacements of the roughing inserts to once every 4 maintenances.

Economic advantages

4Life technology has been designed to offer important economic advantages, which are mainly linked to the longer Life of its components and the processing accuracy.

Choosing 4Life tools means investing a 10% more in same type tools, with an economic revenue only after having produced 12.000 worked meters. Combined with the system "Zero Tollerance" the 4Life technology tool is perfect for medium-high production levels.

Thanks to the inserts design and the exclusive NaDia Diamond coating, the 4Life components are less wear affected entailing a considerable reduction of machine downtimes. 4Life increases the normal plant productivity and allows a maintenance simplified management.

Simplified spare parts management thanks to the introduction of the Qr Code for automatically reordering all the standard and special inserts.

TWT Quality

The mechanical precision tools standard has a new name. TWT is born from mergering 3 Made in Italy excellences: Zuani, Rekord, and Garniga. The very best of technological innovation, materials research and production capacity, joined to achieve the highest level of quality, functionality and effectiveness in every process. 4Life is one of the avant-garde products at TWT new reality, High-Tech Tools.
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