The NaDia Coating coating system has been developed and is completely realized within the TWT company.

The purpose of the ambitious R&D project started in 2009 by the then Zuani company, was to improve the performance of our tools. If it was also known from the mechanical sector that the coating prolongs the life of the inserts due to the greater surface hardness, the intuition and subsequently the objective of the research group was to identify the reduction of the friction of the insert at the cutting contact as the main component of a longer lasting cutting of our inserts.

After a careful phase of experimentation preceded by studies and research conducted with the prestigious collaborations of the University of Trento and FBK, now the possibility of considerably lengthening the life of the insert has become reality.

NaDia Coating ensures a perfect and durable tool finish, leading to a drastic reduction in maintenance time; the satisfaction of our most demanding customers has thus been achieved. The reason why today we can improve the quality of your tools is because we can coat them with a substance called Liquid-Diamond DLC, through a process that covers the inserts and integral tools with a very hard coating.

In this way we obtain tools coated with a cutting quality and a obviously longer duration than the traditional TWT Quality, with very low investment costs, coming to observe with our customers a marginal operating cost much lower than the previous one.


  • DLC stands for Diamond Like Carbon. The DLC is a carbon-based innovative coating with a wide spectrum of applications that allows you to cope with abrasion, sliding, and chemical aggression. The high hardness is due to the simultaneous presence of hybridized carbon sp2 (graphite) and sp3 (diamond). The graphite determines the smoothness, diamond determines the hardness.


  • During working phases, following the prolonged contact of the insert with the worked surface, the wear phenomenon is caused by mechanical action. The rounding in the top edge of the inserts results in a decay of the cutting finishing and therefore less quality of the product. Related Consequences: Increased engine effort during machining and greater energy absorption. At equal working meters, you notice a lower consumption of sharp wire. The advantage that NaDia’s coating provides for inserts or knives is to greatly slow down all normal wear processes due to working processing. Applied coating layer also acts as a protective shield against chemical damage. In fact, working over materials with a tannic acid content (oak type) the bevel is done by mechanical action or by chemical action.


  • The DLC is deposed by the technology called PE-CVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) under vacuum and with a low temperature. PE-CVD is a chemical vapor deposition process used to deposit thin films from a gas state (vapor) to a solid state on a substrate. Chemical reactions are involved in the process, which occur after creation of a plasma of the reacting gases.

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