The East European markets and the international fair at DREMA. Interview with Daniele Zanuttini.

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TWT will be attending the international DREMA Fair (Pav. 3A – Stand 13) to be held from September 10th to the 13th in Poznań, Poland. We are therefore interviewing Daniele Zanuttini, the Area manager that follows the Eastern European markets.

With this piece of news we open the column “Dietro la tecnologia” (Behind the technology), a collection of interviews with TWT figures. As we declare in our corporate brochure, the soul of the company is people and their relations, but these should not just remain words printed on paper. This is why we have decided to create a column in which the people behind the TWT technology and products can present themselves and their work.

The 35th edition of the DREMA Fair will be held in Poznań from September 10th to the 13th. It is an international fair dedicated to the wood and furniture industry, its machines and its tools. It is the most acclaimed event of its kind in Poland and at the same time is the largest supply center for Central and Eastern European manufacturers.

TWT has decided to participate in this event with its own stand (Pav. 3A, Stand 13) and for the occasion the interview is with Daniele Zanuttini, the Foreign Area manager that follows the majority of Eastern European markets.

Daniele Zanuttini

Who is Daniele Zanuttini and what does he do?

I have been working in this sector since 1997. I worked for various Italian firms in this sector and finally started working for Rekord in 2010 and finally, as a result of the Rekord/Zuani merger in 2016, for TWT. I started in production and then, thanks to technical training I moved on to the engineering department, to the technical-sales office and finally ended up in the sales office. I follow all of the eastern European markets except Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I currently alternate one week abroad with one in my office in Italy so as to give continuing support to the Engineering department in view of the current workload and the need to closely follow several major projects. After all, I am convinced that it isn’t worthwhile to accept too many requests and then fail in serving the client properly. It is better to focus on those orders that we believe can be performed well, committing to giving one’s all.

The person of the Engineering department in charge of these markets is Marcello Muzi, with whom I have worked very well for a long time now.

What are the main characteristics of the markets you are in charge of?

It is an extremely large area, but as regards the special tool for window and door making, in some countries the market share is very small and we work only on referral.

One of the most important countries of this area is most certainly Poland. It is a promising and lively market that is nice to work in. Windows are not only of one kind and 70% of production is exported to USA, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Poland is the first or second window manufacturing country in Europe. The statistics say that the first ranking manufacturer should be Germany, but Germany buys a lot from Poland. In fact, many German companies have moved production to Poland and therefore purchase semi-finished products. Precise ranking can be tricky.

The second ranking country is Romania, that is following in Poland’s footsteps. Finally I would say Hungary and Slovenia: the latter has a market in which the number of companies is small but all producing high quality products.

Drema - fiera polacca

What are their most critical aspects?

The local and German competition. We address two market segments: a medium-low segment and a medium-high segment that includes significant production plants and levels. In the medium-low segment we are affected by local competition that has new machinery and enjoys very low taxation brackets and often receives EU subsidies. It is a highly competitive segment.

The medium-high segment includes the German companies. To contrast their power we must always come up with something new so as to attract potential clients and also sell at lower prices.

The bottom line of these first seven months?

Very positive, beyond our expectations. In the second half of the year, however, we have seen a slowing down of demand so we must step up the game in these last four months.

The international DREMA Fair will be held in Poznań from the 10th to the 13th of September…

It is without a doubt one of the most important fairs of Eastern Europe. From what I read on the website, it seems it ranks fifth among international fairs dedicated to the wood processing industry, next to LIGNA in Germany, XYLEXPO in Italy, IWF in Atlanta (USA) and WMF in Shanghai (China). After all, the previous edition in 2018 boasted 389 exhibitors coming from 19 countries occupying a total exhibition area of 25,400 m2. In the four days of the fair, the stands were visited by a total of 16,600 professional visitors.

Drema is an event that must not be missed if one wishes to maintain and develop one’s relationship with the clientele, especially during negotiations. It is important for the client to know that the potential supplier is present at this event. It is also an opportunity for meeting new companies that wish to invest. TWT will participate in the Fair with a stand approx. 55 m2 in size (Pav. 3A, Stand 13). We will most certainly present the new Laser S fixing system, the 4 Life tool type and the new TWT-Style window.

Drema - logo fiera

Which is the solution most sought after by these markets?

Normally, clients sign a gentlemen’s agreement regarding a proposal that is a mixture of solutions, ranging from the traditional window to the Minimal type, all of which is intended to offer the clientele a full assortment of products.

It must be said that in the case of high quality systems, 90% of the clients who decide to invest have previous experience and therefore already have their own ideas. They rarely abandon their products because they are solutions that they have been selling for a long time and need to continue offering. We therefore inherit a package of solutions that for us are absolutely special and that we need to manage just as they are.

Then there’s a ‘free’ portion dedicated to TWT proposals in which products such as Life (the minimal style window) and the TWT-Style window are selling very well. TWT-Style especially, because it offers an innovative technical and production concept.

TWT Style - gruppi frese per il mercato polacco

The order that gave you the most satisfaction

A large order that we have recently completed for a Polish client who works 100% for a large North European group. It was a difficult but highly formative experience that ended on a highly positive note.

In your opinion, which added value can TWT provide?

Our ability to customise the offer. Advanced customisation is an advantage we are renowned for – and in some ways it is our sole objective – but that also entails high costs. This is not a secondary aspect if one considers the fact that basically we work in a niche market. And unfortunately, no matter what we do, this niche is becoming progressively smaller.

Which could the future objectives of TWT be, then?

In the immediate future, the goal is to reinforce our presence in the main markets. More in general, we should tend towards being more and more a consultant for the window and door installer, a partner that hears the installer’s requirements and helps him create the window and door system.

Today our business is about 70% with foreign clients. This means we must develop an international mindset, operating on a European level. It is a great challenge and we must win it if we intend to continue growing after the considerable changes brought on by the merger of the two companies.

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