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Esperia Innova (68 mm and 80 mm) is a high-end window frame in terms of technical value, production rationale and aesthetic level. Esperia Innova stands out  among the systems for wood-aluminiumwindows and doors designed by TWT Engineering for the level of production efficiency achieved on the one hand and, on the other, for the high performance of the window system. The design of the Esperia Innova system saw the collaboration of two important companies in the sector: Europrofili and Roverplastik.

For those who already work with the tools from Esperia projects, the design of Esperia Innova is a pleasant variation in the way wood-aluminium windows and doors are produced. For everyone else, it is a real revolution.

Compared to its 68 mm “smaller brother”, the 80 mm Esperia Innova system offers greater versatility in terms of glass thickness. Ideal as a combination for those who already produce windows and doors more than 80 mm thick.

Esperia Innova wood-aluminium window and door systems offer 5 major advantages.

  1. An effective constructive rationality.
    The system has been designed to offer window and door manufacturers:
    1. an intelligent simplification of the frame machining and of the assembly operations of the aluminium “cover”;
    2. the optimization of the wood warehouse and of the supply of aluminium profiles.
  2. High flexibility and technical functionality.
    All of the system’s elements are designed to ensure maximum functionality:
    • you can handle the frame assembled or disassembled;
    • the aluminium profile is cut at 90°;
    • in case of problems, the aluminium frame is easily removable;
    • wide assortment of double glazing panes.
  3. Assembly speed
    Assembly of the aluminium elements has been significantly sped up: the fixedaluminium frame is mechanically fastened to the wooden frame by means of screws, and a secondaluminium frame is hooked onto the sash by means of innovative self-positioning clips.
  4. Minimalist elegance.
    Esperia Innova wood-aluminiumwindow and door systems have essential, minimalist sections that allow the creation of large glass surfaces to meet modern architectural requirements.
  5. Thermal insulation performance that meets the values imposed by the Italian “Ecobonus Requirements decree” for all climate zones.


Some examples with Esperia Innova 68 mm.
The 80 mm variant provides equivalent or even better performance.

Climate zone E (includes the highest number of cities)
Uw required 1.30 W/mK2

a) Super softwood
A single-sash Esperia Innova 68 window (1230×1480 mm) with a double glazing Ug value of 1.0 W/m2K and “warm edge” spacer ensures a Uw value of 1.1 W/m2K.

b) Softwood

A single-sash Esperia Innova 68 window (1230×1480 mm) with a double glazing Ug value of 1.0 W/m2K and “warm edge” spacer ensures a Uw value of 1.2 W/m2K.

Climate zone F (the coldest) – Uw required 1,00 W/mK2

c) Super softwood
A single-sash Esperia Innova 68 window (1230×1480 mm), with a double glazing Ug value of 0.6 W/m2K and “warm edge” spacer, ensures a Uw value of 0.86 W/m2

b) Softwood
A single-sash Esperia Innova 68 window (1230×1480 mm), with a double glazing value Ug of 0.6 W/m2K and “warm edge” spacer, ensures a Uw value of 0.89 W/m2

Esperia Innova has passed the water-air-wind tests with flying colours. The test results are transferable in Cascading for the CE marking of windows and doors.

Ideal for renovations

With Esperia Innova you can count on extremely competitive systems for wood-aluminiumwindows and doors in case of renovations and energy upgrades of buildings. In fact:

  • the essential design and clean and elegant lines easily blend in with any architectural style;
  • the minimalist sections:
    • comply with modern design trends;
    • allow to obtain the maximum useful glass surface and, therefore,
    • excellent natural lighting of the rooms;
  • the use of AGB’s Artech Plana concealed hardware system ensures maximum value in terms of aesthetics and burglar-proof security;
  • ample customization of colours and finishes is available, with the possibility of offering dual-colour solutions.

Learn more about all the features and benefits offered by the Esperia Innova system by exploring our interactive brochure.


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