Our Vision

To create a group of collaborators with a high profile of technical and disciplinary skills, with a high degree of motivation, collaboration, a sense of belonging, with a strong propensity for success, capable of excelling in innovation and development of quality perceived by customers and perfectly aligned with the policies, strategies and objectives of the Company.

To implement a management system based on a complete and defined Data Base in a context of widespread standardization and digitalization, which uses the most modern and effective operating disciplines and reporting systems designed to support the decision-making system based on objective data and their statistics analysis.

To create a system of interpersonal relations among employees based on mutual respect and support that fosters and stimulates everyone's growth.

To achieve consistent results that fully satisfy all the Stakeholders in a context of wide and perceived social responsibility.

The pioneering spirit

  • Understood as a propensity for innovation and the continuous search for new and better solutions, remaining open to the changes and with the ambition to grow and innovate constantly.

The passion for Customers

  • Understood as the attention to customers and understanding their needs, looking for the solutions that best satisfy them, both with high quality products and services, and with an effective and accurate transparent information.

The responsability

  • Understood as an ethical choice to accept the consequences of one's actions and to be loyal to the organization, taking initiative and decisions within the scope of one's own competences and responsibilities.


  • Understood as a profound conviction that "doing business" involves compliance with rules; both those related to our obligations to shareholders and those that affect the relationship with all our stakeholders, especially our employees but also all other stakeholders of the community in which we operate.


  • Understood as the ability to be open and to encourage others to remain open to change, to maintain and improve the effectiveness of work in new situations, to adapt their attitude and behaviour to work effectively with different people, to adapt quickly to change priorities, new procedures and methods, better ideas and strategies.

The integration

  • Understood as the ability to grow and work together by listening to and comparing different ideas in an open and constructive way, as a key element to improve ourselves and the results of our work.

The Professionalism

  • Understood as continuous commitment of the individual and the organization to the development of knowledge and to the growth of the value of experience, with the aim of building a specific, distinctive and consistent know-how.

The transparency

  • Understood as a "must" in the exchange of opinions and information, based on clear, comprehensible aims and on a coherent behaviour to create and strengthen people's trust and integrity in work performance.

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