We are FINNOVA, a company from Castelfranco Veneto (TV) which works in the wood and wood-alu windows sector since 2004.
Our collaboration with TWT, immediately started without a continuity solution with REKORD. We can't say, for that reason, which necessities were the motive force behind our collaboration with the team of TWT, except from a long personal connection. But we know for sure why during these years we have not looked for other partners to collaborate with.
We have always found in this group of people, a lot of cordiality, professionalism, precision, but especially a great speed in answering back at our requests.

We have also been placed side by side in developing new types of products, and moreover they have given us very useful hints about cyclic machines in order to optimise and accelerate our production.
What else could we say... An excellent team, always available to give a service at 360°!!



We have been working with TWT for 25 years and our collaboration started thanks to our work with GARNIGA and then with REKORD.
This three companies immediately showed us their incredible professionalism and quality, and helped us creating products which have always been stood out from standard models on the market.
Given that we work in the building sector, TWT's tools gave us a lot of precision and flexibility in the different wood processing.

TWT has a team that guarantee an effective support, which let us satisfying every single demand.

Radici Enzo s.r.l

Radici Enzo S.r.l produces wood and wood-alu joineries of different types. All this has been possible even thanks to the use of tools, which are state-of-the-art, for the production of our products. In fact our factories have been equipped with TWT's tools for 30 years, because RADICI thinks that the quality of his products is essential. In order to keep high productive standards, RADICI realised that TWT is the perfect partner, given that it's really developed in his sector and always available when it has to solve every problem, thanks to his high-qualified staff.


Our collaboration with TWT (REKORD first) started in 1996 thanks to Mr. Muratori Gianpaolo, who kept us in contact with this company, where we found innovative and useful tools. It's thanks to them if our joineries have always kept up with the market demand. That's why TWT is what to choose, if you need help in this sector.

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