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Precision woodworking tools

It was the year 1972 when the three young Zuani brothers opened the business with the sign Zuani Roberto & C.snc.

Since then, the careful design and careful realization of a wide range of mechanical fixing tools dedicated to the production of fixtures, furniture and any other processing that interests the wood, were the basic principles that allowed Zuani to be appreciated in the world.

The first tools take shape in small rooms in the family home. The lathe and the milling machine model steel discs to make joints and stops. There were no programmed series but single tools that lent themselves to be used in various stages of processing. The complete window set was supplied in a wooden trunk.

With the passing of the years and the evolution of woodworking machines, the tool increasingly plays an important role. The first series programmed for windows known as 600/800 Series were born. The decision to keep the height and diameter of the programming unchanged for all the work phases, the ability to optimize the tool on the most complex systems and, last but not least, the good introduction to the Italian plant manufacturers, allows Zuani to make a qualitative leap of considerable importance.

The growing national and international demand, has quickly imposed the condition of having to widen the spaces and invest in human capital in order to be more present in new markets.


  • The positive vision of the European markets and the strong driving force of the internal economy, allows the construction of the new building in the industrial area of Rovereto. These are years in which all the internal technological processes are affected by a remarkable progression thanks to the new working centers that the company is equipped with. 


  • The results obtained from a technical / production reorganization can be glimpsed. In the new spaces work is better and with new technologies it becomes more stimulating to experiment. One of the first patents is called AutoCompactFix. This is the fastening system for self-positioning reversible standard inserts. The classic positioning gauges are eliminated, guaranteeing precision and safety in fixing.
  • In Italy we work positively, side by side with the most important window manufacturers and technology dealers. The main foreign market is Germany. After an initial parenthesis through a reseller, Zuani decided to engage directly by founding the Zuani Deutschland Gmbh. Strengthened by the knowledge gained, Zuani presents its innovations rigorously tested according to the strict safety criteria set by the BG-TEST. Subsequently the reference standard will be the European EN847-1 standard.
  • The company expands its presence in France, conveying its product through prestigious brands. It grows in Spain and in the Scandinavian territories and in Eastern Europe.


  • Zuani presents Logifix, the totally self-positioning system that allows less use of standard inserts. The new fastening allows you to work with greater precision and quality, reducing unproductive times. 
  • 2010 The strong positioning of the Zuani brand in markets around the world continues to stimulate its commitment to research and development. Thanks to collaborations with the University of Trento and the Bruno Kessler Foundation, the Coatings department was set up inside the plant. The first details submitted to DLC treatment are the standard inserts. Subsequently great results will be obtained on the end mills and on the original spare parts.
  • 2015 The presence of Zuani on international markets also overseas, leads to a revised approach to sales strategies. We focus a lot on a range of products characterized by the exclusivity of the NaDia DLC.

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