Garniga - Innovation in tradition

Innovation in tradition

Garniga S.r.l. was founded in 1965 as an industry for the design and manufacture of precision tools for cutting wood.

It was one of the first company in the world to introduce the mechanical fixing of the cutting edge: innovative concept, advanced technology, mechanical precision and customer focus were the factors that have determined the constant quality of the products and the growth of the company over the years.


  • These were the times of brazed tools, which involved serious sharpening difficulties. Already in 1965 tools were being produced with mechanical fixing of the insert, which at that time was accepted with a certain reluctance because of the over-developed concept.
  • The technological advances of Garniga responded to a vast and technologically advanced evolution, where new-concept machines were requested and used. With the development of building and the growing demand for window and door frames, new innovative concepts were applied, especially in tool programming.
  • At the same time the technical office of Garniga, thanks to continuous research, designed and tested proposing continuous innovations that were the starting point for the achievement of a high technical level of production, proposing new production systems to frames manufacturers.
  • Garniga was the first company in Europe to approve the series of frames, experimenting in its workers with types of frames such as the 7000 ÷ 4000 Series, the Futuro Series, the Europa Series, etc. using sealing gaskets, when in Italy the law for the containment of energy consumption was not yet in force.


  • With the coming of the computer, the Company Garniga, on its own initiative, took the lead in designing tools which completely amalgamated the use of computers. Adoption of this application on the part of the most important Italian machine constructors took the various foreign competitors completely by surprise, at the same time placing Garniga among the leaders of the European manufacturers.
  • All this has been possible thanks to the window manufacturers, for the preference given to the new tools and for the trust they have always shown towards Garniga, which, with increasingly flattering results, has built tools that have reached the first place in the requests of the market thanks to advanced concepts of construction and ease of use. 

2000 YEARS

  • Garniga S.r.l. has introduced a new range of tools using the revolutionary new UNIFIX system characterized by a simple, effective component: a magnet.

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