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NaDia Tool Coating: Diamonds Extend Life

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The NaDia tool coating system has been developed and is manufactured completely in-house at TWT.

The aim of the ambitious R&D project started in 2009 by the Zuani company, as it was called then, was to improve the performance of precision tools.

In the mechanical sector it was already a well-known fact that coating extends the life of inserts because it provides greater surface hardness.

The intuition and then the goal of the research group were directed towards the reduction of the insert’s friction at the cutter’s point of contact, as the main factor for a more durable cutting performance of the inserts.  

After an in-depth experimentation phase preceded by studies and research conducted with the prestigious collaboration of the University of Trento and of FBK, the possibility of significantly extending the life of the insert became reality.

Perfect and durable tool coating

NaDia tool coating ensures a perfect and durable tool finish, with the benefit of drastically reducing maintenance time.


These characteristics have generated great satisfaction among our customers and we can improve the quality of your tools by treating them with a coating consisting of a substance called Liquid-Diamond DLC.

The process consists in coating integral tools and inserts with a very hard coating, for renewed cutting quality and significantly higher durability.

All with very low investment costs, which translate into much lower marginal costs of operation compared to the past.

DLC tool coating. What does it mean?

DLC stands for ‘Diamond Like Carbon’. It is an extremely interesting carbon-based tool coating with a wide range of applications, thanks to its unique features: low deposition temperature, excellent hardness and low friction coefficient.

The tool coating is applied on finished parts, maintaining their state of surface finish. The very high hardness values of the coating derive from the simultaneous presence in the DLC of sp2 (graphite) and sp3 (diamond) hybridised carbon.

The graphite ensures smoothness and the diamond hardness.

Why choose NaDia?

During machining, as a result of the prolonged contact of the insert with the machined surface, wear phenomena deriving from the mechanical action are triggered.

The rounding of the cutting edge, in fact, causes a worsening of the cutting finish and therefore lower quality of the end product.

The related consequences are increased motor effort during machining and increased energy absorption.

The advantage that the NaDia tool coating gives to the insert is that it significantly slows down all normal wear processes due to machining.

In fact, the coating applied acts as a protective shield against damage caused by chemical wear and tear because, when working with materials with a tannic acid content (such as oak), chamfering occurs via both mechanical and chemical action.

For the same number of meters worked, there is also less wear on the cutting edge.

How does DLC deposition occur?

DLC – Diamond Like Carbon – is deposited using PE-CVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) technology under vacuum and at low temperature.

Plasma-enhanced chemical deposition (PE-CVD) is the process by which thin films are formed by bringing material from the gaseous (vapour) to the solid stage on a substrate.

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Chemical reactions are involved in the process, and occur after the creation of a plasma of reacting gases.


NaDia stands for Diamond Nanotechnology and is in effect a revolutionary coating for cutting inserts.

The main benefits that tool coating offers to users are:

  • improved finish guaranteed by a very low coefficient of friction;
  • increased durability;
  • significant increase in speed without compromising tool performance;
  • drastically reduced maintenance operations and insert changes;
  • significantly reduced downtime.

Measurements carried out by TWT on the premises of its customers show that the performance of a NaDia-coated cutting edge is 250% higher than that of a standard one, with maximum values up to 300%, thereby eliminating maintenance costs.


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