Laser.S stands out among the latest generations of cutters for wooden casing, allowing you to increase your competitiveness in tomorrow's markets.

Over the next few decades, production will take the form of an agile and interconnected model, capable of integrating physical and digital operations. It will be necessary to act on several factors: productivity, end product finish, effectiveness and efficiency in processing, simplified spare parts and lower maintenance costs.

Future markets will demand increasingly high-performance cutters for wooden casings, and this is why TWT has designed Laser.S, a new concept tool that offers new levels of precision and efficiency.

Better-finished end products

Laser.S features specially designed cutting geometries to ensure the most efficient result in every machining operation, such as improved chip clearance. In addition, a safe and precise system of axial self-positioning of the standard or profiled knives eliminates any imperfection during machining.

In place of the traditional spur and chamfering knives, there is a single profiled cutting edge that allows to obtain a higher finish compared to other cutters for wooden casings.

Better productivity and savings

The Laser.S tool is characterized by a high simplicity of use, allowing fewer machine stops for the replacement of knives and the management of inserts. This simplification, combined with an increase in cutting speed and feeds, significantly increases productivity.

Improved finish and processing efficiency by adopting 4Life technology and NaDia Diamond Coating

Thanks to the innovative design of the 4Life inserts, recommended for high removal rates in a single pass, roughing and finishing proceed simultaneously in the Laser.S system too, providing the cutting process with unprecedented efficiency and quality.

In addition, with the exclusive NaDia DLC coating, the quality of the initial cut is extended by many more meters compared to the duration of a similar uncoated insert.

Lower maintenance costs

Laser.S ensures a considerable reduction in knife replacement times thanks to:

  • the frontal access of the clamping system;
  • the reduced number of screws;
  • the partial extraction of the wedges during knife replacement;
  • the better accessibility to the knives and inserts to be maintained.

In contrast to other wood cutters, Laser.S has a unique high-strength screw system and a reduced number of keys for insert maintenance.

Explore the interactive brochure to learn more about the features of Laser.S and discover all the benefits offered to window and door manufacturers.


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