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Dear Readers, this is absolutely the very first post I am writing for the TWT news area, an article that will accompany like an editorial the first newsletter of 2020.

Filippo Pellitteri - President and CEO of TWTFollowing Mario Baldo’s retirement, I find myself performing the duties of President and CEO of TWT. This is an important role abounding in responsibilities, for sure, but I would like to underline the fact, here, that goals are not achieved by one’s self – for that one needs at one’s side a self-aware and motivated team that believes in specific values such as individual and collective responsibility, transparency and the sharing of objectives.

TWT firmly believes in ‘us’. It is the synergy of ‘us’ and not egotistical individualism that brings in important results. The ‘us’ philosophy has led us to a corporate merger resulting in Italy’s largest manufacturer of processing tools for making wood and wood-aluminium doors and windows.The chance to blend two sets of expertise, of tackling market issues with different approaches, habits and points of view has allowed us to grow and improve.

Filippo Pellitteri - the us philosophy - 2Again, it is the ‘us’ philosophy that drives us to develop a highly technological product with the addition of services that can help you complete your project by making you aware of the operation costs: we intend to become more and more involved in understanding your needs, in focusing on the various problems you encounter so as to solve them andtherefore supply you with true benefits in terms of competitiveness.

What are the novelties of 2020? The next trade fairs will see the official launching of Laser HP, a new concept tool. You will find soon more details about this in this blog.

Filippo Pellitteri - the us philosophy - 3During interviews they often ask me what the window of the future will be like. Without going out to look for heaven knows which innovation, I believe the ideal window already exists, namely the wood-aluminium system. It is a high quality and high durability product that eliminates the need for external maintenance while ensuring the beauty and warmth that only wood can give. The bet lies on how it will be possible to create a wood-aluminium system that actually costs less than current solutions while ensuring the same level of performance.

This is a bet we count on winning with the further evolution of the Esperia system. In this project we are also working together with Roverplastik and Europrofili with the aim of offering the Italian market not the usual product, like many others do, but rather a tested, certified and reliable project that stems from the best practices of the companies working on it.

These synergies are not limited to the Italian market alone. We have recently participated in the Eurobois in Lyon together with Leuco France. The purpose of each collaboration on the one hand is obviously that of reinforcing our presence on the market, and on the other that of providing you with an increasingly more qualified service.

Filippo Pellitteri - the us philosophy - 4This is the direction being taken also by TWTWeb, the softwarethat we have developed to help you manage spares more efficiently. TWTWeb contains the TWT spare parts codes that you need so that you can set up the scheduled reordering of the spares, so that you know which spares have arrived and which are on their way.

Before leaving you to read the contents of the newsletter (and of the blog) I would like to remind you of the next events at which we can present our new products to you in person. As the Fensterbau fair in Nuremberg has been postponed, the most likely appointment is the Xylexpo in Milan on May 26-29.

See you soon!

Filippo Pellitteri

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