TWT - Style


Project TWT Style is the result of a technical, productive and marketing study, made by our branch in Germany, Zuani Deutschland GmbH, helped by the TWT engineering office, with all his experience and competence in managing R&D's processes, in the world of wooden windows.

So you should take advantage of our strict collaboration with important manufacturing companies, during our 40 years experience in every aspect of windows and doors production.

We think and organise your production in order to give you advantages against your competitors.



(1)No classic glazing beads are used


(2)The outside covering is attached to the shutter during all the all productive process


(3)Wood thickness is unvaried, in spite of the 3mm cut


(4)Glass is inserted from the outside and blocked by a clip


(5)It is not obligatory to put silicone inside the window


(6)Simplified management of the painting period to realise two-tone windows

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