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Every achievement is a new starting point

We reached a great achievement and we gave birth to a new sprout, to a new idea of company. Without forgetting where we started and the values that our individual stories have imparted us.
Our story

Why choose TWT?

Indeed why should you choose TWT? Because we are the most beautiful and the best? Yes, maybe. We prefer it to you to say it after you have met us and we would have finalized all your ambitious projects to the best of our ability.

Who better than those who know us for years or a little 'less time may be the best representative of ourselves?


Siamo FINNOVA, un’azienda di Castelfranco Veneto (TV) che opera nel settore degli infissi in legno e legno alluminio dal 2004 e che dire……La nostra collaborazione con TWT, con il TEAM di persone che la compongono, è iniziata sin da subito senza soluzione di continuità con la REKORD.

Our divisions

We specialize in the design and production of high precision tools for woodworking and in the construction of wooden window frames.

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With the look
to the future

Three differente Made in Italy experiences, rooted in Trentino’s land, with the same will, the one that today rewards us in every market in which we are present. And with the look to the future.

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