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The GlobalTools catalogue in interactive pdf format intends to offer very high quality solutions in the general purpose tools sector, welcoming clients into the world of TWT and showcasing the support and service the Company can offer.

Nicola Pedrotti - The GlobalTools intends to offer very high quality solutions in the general purpose tools sectorThe GlobalTools catalogue in pdf format is a useful work tool in itself, complete with accurate descriptions of the products, price lists and detailed technical datasheets. It presents a wide range of products that can be applied to the wood processing sector as well as to the composites, metals and plastic processing sectors. The range goes from HW circular sawblades to DP diamond tools, from drilling tools to HW integral helical router bits to chucks, and much more.

With the GlobalTools catalogue, TWT wishes to amplify and strengthen its experience by exploring the world of general purpose tools by means of a selected and truly reliable high-quality proposal supported by distinctive technical guidance. To this end, we posed a few questions to Nicola Pedrotti, the man in charge of the Marketing Area and of the GlobalTools division.

If you were to present the new catalogue with a thought, what would that be?

The aim of this catalogue is to offer an accurate guide and point of reference when taking a global journey to the world of sector tools. I believe that the term ‘guide’ describes it best. The Global Tools catalogue is a precise, detailed and easy to consult guide that englobes all of TWT’s experience.

The name GlobalTools has a precise meaning too. I personally designed this name to underline the intention of meeting a wide range of needs, hence ‘global’. We want to make sure that our clients can benefit from dedicated operational choices that are coherent with their multitudinous requirements.

Is GlobalTools just a diversification process, or is there more to it?

The GlobalTools catalogue - very high quality solutions in the general purpose tools sector - 1It is a diversification process because it allows to widen TWT’s proposal and its commercial horizons. And not just that. GlobalTools is an intention, a project that takes shape via a catalogue that has come together in the last four years.

The goal is to create a complete proposal that includes a wide range of tools (for processing wood, metals, composites, plastics, etc.) and qualified advice. The company has moved to achieve this goal in a coordinated fashion. I consider GlobalTools an interesting opportunity for both our clients and for us.

Most certainly the catalogue is a key instrument from a commercial point of view. What were the main challenges you had to face?

The GlobalTools catalogue - very high quality solutions in the general purpose tools sector - 2One of the main challenges was that of developing synergies that would allow us to select an assortment with the highest levels of quality and reliability. In these last two-three years we strived to select products that would bridge the gaps in our offering in the general purpose tools sector and that, at the same time, could be accompanied by the very high level of consulting services typical of our customary and consolidated advisory function in the wooden door and window systems sector.

Our clients who used the tools we now have in our catalogue felt the need for qualified support, that TWT now guarantees. This peculiarity is an added value that in future years will be written ‘in bold type’.

What are the criteria on which the selection of the products inserted in the catalogue are based?

As already mentioned, no compromises were made on quality and reliability. Most of the products in the catalogue concern the wood processing sector, but we have also inserted tool lines for the processing of aluminium profiles and for plastic processing, thereby offering a niche alternative that enjoys distinctive services and consulting.

I would like to see that, in ten years’ time, people would say about TWT that, starting from its great expertise in the wooden doors and windows sector, it grew also thanks to the filling out of its offering, succeeding in offering tools at a truly global level.

Name one or more elements that make the GlobalTools catalogue stand apart from similar proposals on the market

The GlobalTools catalogue - very high quality solutions in the general purpose tools sector - 3The inspiring idea was to present ourselves with an identity that would communicate that ‘plus’ factor provided by Made in Italy. The interactive catalogue by GlobalTools strives to underline the presence of the Company at the Client’s side. Indeed, in addition to finding information about the products displayed, clients will also be able to visit the website and enter the TWT world.

Along with the products, they will discover what our consulting service is made of: dynamic approaches and flexibility, timely replies, customized and unconditional support for clients and partners. We want the catalogue users to feel welcomed by the Company as members of a team that will certainly provide solid support and solutions to answer their questions.

I imagine you have already started to promote it. Have you already received some feedback?

We had the opportunity to present it in preview to professional figures of the doors and windows industry, and the feedback was very positive. They greatly appreciated the commitment to create a useful and immediately usable instrument, in line with the other initiatives we are developing, such as the video tutorials and the online brochures for Laser.S, Laser.HP and Esperia Innova.

The GlobalTools catalogue is practical and functional. It is in tune with the practicality and functionality of the products it displays and of the consulting services that accompanies them. These are elements that a professional notices right away.

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