The special that “Sistema Serramento” dedicated to TWT continues.

by Sonia Maritan

The visit to TWT in Rovereto on 30 January 2020, in the province of Trento, occurred in three different stages that we are publishing in three separate parts: in issue No. 27 of Sistema Serramento we illustrated the morning’s work table focused on the answers of TWT President Filippo Pellitteri.


A second technical table meeting held in the afternoon of the same day will be illustrated in this issue, while the visit to the production area will be the content of Part 3 published in issue No. 29 to be distributed at Xylexpo 2020.


TWT has forged ahead since 2016 and today features significant specialisation in the manufacture of tools for the processing of wooden and wood-aluminium windows, making it the leading company in this sector in Italy.

The technical table held in the afternoon sees the presence of the directors of the various strategic divisions of the company directly involved in its success in their capacity as TWT shareholders. In fact, the sales division is run by Tomas Zuani, the engineering department by Massimiliano Zuani, the back office by Silvia Galvagni and production by Alberto Zuani.

The fact that each division has at its head a figure directly involved as a co-owner of the company is perhaps one of the key elements of TWT’s success.

Other significant figures are that of the New Business Developer, Nicola Pedrotti, and of the consultant partner of StudioCentro Marketing, Mauro Zamberlan, an agency that oversees TWT’s communication. The group, along with myself, also includes Pietro Ferrari, the editor in chief of Web and Magazine.

We pick up from where we left off this morning by talking about the merger in 2016 of the brands that today have blended into TWT, a first in Italy in terms of corporate strategy and that makes this Group of tool manufacturers the largest at national level. We will also talk about how some aspects of this process are still coming to completion today. Each one of you can illustrate this based on your own perspective!

“Yes, I think that each one of our stories can give an idea of how many paths have crossed and how much experience has drawn together”– starts Silvia Galvagni – “I, for example, started working in 2008 with Mario Baldo -who founded Rekord together with my father – who in turn had already been a technical director in Rekord prior to the merger. So I started my working career in Rekord, then in 2016 we entered the new project with TWT, and in 2019 Mario Baldo left the helm as CEO to Filippo Pellitteri, who was then the President of the Group”.


Is the passage from a traditional type of company to a completely different type a welcome challenge?

“Yes, let’s say we saw it as a challenge to be tackled with great courage and enthusiasm, and with an eye to the future we all considered it the best choice since it was aimed at achieving consistent growth, seeing that we are the second generation for both companies and that we wanted to invest in this project we strongly believe in”.

“The merging of people is now a fully accomplished process”Tomas Zuani adds, “and the commercial results today are definitely tangible on an international scale.

On the Scandinavian markets, for example, we are reinforcing relations with an important and well-structured company that has been promoting our products for many years now. We can say that by “being larger and more solid” we have been able in those countries to come into contact more easily with the major window manufacturers that by tradition are more closely tied to wood processing.

By presenting ourselves in the new TWT Group format we have gained the opportunity to become a partner of these companies that, before selecting a new supplier, scrupulously check its solidity before allowing it to become an essential part of their business development system.

So we have seen a positive response from the market that is in line with one of our corporate objectives, namely to establish a dialogue with the leading wooden window manufacturers. This new organisation has made us more aware of our role and at the same time has invested us with greater responsibilities”.


Is another important step the unification of the brands in terms of products too?

«Certainly. Zuani and Rekord have evolved by designing new wooden window solutions and by creating new cutting tool systems, so for TWT it couldn’t be any different. After making the most of the more than 40 years of experience of these founding companies, we are currently ready to present the new window of the Esperia range, TWT’s firstborn. The cutting technology too will be involved, with new solutions 100% researched, conceived and made by the new company.

These innovations will allow us to give greater value to the TWT brand and to detach ourselves from the past. This innovation process has taken time because, as you can imagine, the management of everyday affairs is demanding when you blend companies with such long histories and large technical baggage”.


Tell us about the first TWT brand product

“Of course. We will be presenting Esperia Innova, a project dedicated to the wood-aluminium window and door range that is easy to make and features clean and minimalistic design. The aim of the study was to achieve a new way of building the wood-aluminium windows and doors.

In this way, we can offer our new clients a new ‘tool’ that can increase their competitiveness and acquire new market segments.To Nurnberg we would have also taken the new insert fastening systems, Laser.S and Laser.HP. The “debut” of the Laser.S system was held in the last edition of Eurobois in Lyon, the technical characteristics of which are illustrated in a dedicated insert in this Part 2”.


As we all know, the Fensterbau Frontaleand the Holz-Handwerkin Nurnbergscheduled for March have been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are illustrating in greater detail the innovative Laser.S in a dedicated insert, also in anticipation of Xylexpo to be held in autumn.
During the meeting Massimiliano Zuani had already anticipated something, however.

“With regard to tool systems, Laser.S and Laser.HP are the two knife fastening systems that feature innovative concepts concerning several details at cutter level. Obviously, these projects were launched quite some time ago and have required an entire stage of testing and prototyping. Now we have achieved the final product and we are only perfecting a few minor details, but we are on the brink of manufacturing them.

In parallel, we have also studied new window systems, which is ultimately what allows us to make tools, and we are extremely happy with Esperia Innova and also with TWT Style that we conceived together with the German branch as a concept and both of which can be exported to other countries”.

In our next issue we will delve in depth in TWT’s technologies, visiting the production areas with Alberto Zuani, the more technical figure of this large family.

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