GlobalTools is the last of the divisions born from the merger of 2016. The GlobalTools catalog offers a selection of the best technological solutions in the field of HW, HS and PCD tools for processing wood, composite materials, aluminum and plastic materials. We asked some questions to Nicola Pedrotti, TWT GlobalTools and Marketing Manager.

With what objectives was the GlobalTools division created?

Its birth is closely linked to the natural growth process of the new business idea that TWT is pursuing. We can consider the GlobalTools project as something that was part of the DNA of Garniga, Rekord and Zuani even before the birth of TWT and that took shape decisively thanks to the new merger. GlobalTools is a division that has contributed to giving a further boost to the sector of the production of windows and woodworking in general, especially with regard to the Italian market.

Why is the GlobalTools offer primarily aimed at an international market?

The reasons are two. One related to market demand: the demand for this type of tool is more widespread outside and particularly in non-European markets. The second reason is related to our commercial organization that for GlobalTools products prefers first level distribution channels and centralized coordination, unlike what happens in the world of wooden windows. In Italy, in fact, being closely linked to a niche market, such as that of wooden windows, we cannot follow different distribution strategies and therefore we cannot make our presence felt in a widespread way. Without doubt one of the future challenges will be to fill this gap.

What is the GlobalTools offer for?

One of the distinctive features of the GlobalTools catalog is the desire to propose a careful selection of products designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy, respecting the highest levels of quality and reliability.

For most products – pass me the term – in “standard configuration” about materials and dimensions, TWT is able to study customized solutions that satisfy the requests and needs of customers to the maximum of possibilities.

Where technology allows, we also try to offer our exclusive Nadia Diamond Coating in DLC coating for GlobalTools tools. Thanks to a particular process we can coat the inserts and integral tools with a very hard coating. In this way we obtain products with a quality of cut and a duration clearly greater than the traditional standards. In addition to very low investment costs, we found that our customers had a marginal operating cost that was much lower than the previous one.

Are there any GlobalTools products that you specifically target?

We hope that the selection of products that we have included and that we will be entering in the near future will best meet the needs of our current customers and encourage potential customers to experience what it means to be a TWT partner. Often they are the good relationships that are established with customers, the exchange of ideas, skills and experiences that you have with them to generate, almost naturally, the best product solutions. An aspect that has distinguished us and made us appreciate in the world of wooden windows.

At Ligna 2019 we will present some innovations of the GlobalTools program. Among these, Mistral Q stands out, a new head with a single insert in DP (Polycrystalline Diamond) interchangeable and self-positioning, to be used on all the main edge-banding machines on the market. In addition to the self-positioning and unique DP H3 insert, usable on all available diameters, Mistral Q also offers a quick and precise insert replacement, guaranteeing continuity and work speed, cutting precision, high finishing quality, zero vibration and reduced noise during processing.

What goals have you set yourself to achieve within the next three years?To increase our skills to the highest levels in all the solutions that we put and will make available to our customers, constantly improving the product offering by listening to and anticipating the needs of the market, so that the GlobalTools catalog is considered the selection of the most technologically advanced products. In general, as we say in our institutional video, the goal will be to export all this Italian excellence to the world.

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