Delivery, at TWT, is a daily routine, with all the regularity and naturalness of daily activities such as eating and sleeping. TWT logistics every day moves synchronously: it organises, packages and sends off. Organises, packages and sends off. And does it well.

Every day, for those on the delivery staff, good delivery is normal. Every day, for TWT clients all over the world receiving the shipments, the good quality of the packaging is routine.
Very well. And yet…

Collateral effects

Everyone knows, however, that habit has a collateral effect: it is taken for granted.When something is habitual, one expects it and it goes unnoticed. Even Pythagoras told us about this phenomenon, referring to the stars and planets.

The famous Greek philosopher and mathematician claimed that when moving the stars produce a harmonious and pleasant sound that we however no longer hear because…we have been accustomed to hearing it for too long!

That is to say that, since it has become a habitual background noise, we no longer notice it.
And so?

TWT received a nice surprise!

All this just to tell you that, on a day like any other, as we are going about our usual delivery business, a TWT employee receives a message from a new partner that proves especially pleasant for both the staff and the management – an informal and chirpy vocal Whatsapp message says:

“I am currently out of office, but I wanted to tell you that I have just received a call from my warehouse manager telling me that your shipment has arrived… and his exact words were:“This is without a doubt the best goods delivery we have ever received since working with European firms. The best in terms of order routing and very good packaging.”Thank you!”.

This is the message of a new client who, on receiving his first TWT shipment, sends us his compliments.

Receiving compliments is an unusual event in our line of work, and so it was especially gratifying for us, not just because it acknowledged the good work done but because the message ‘raised the volume’ on the sound of the stars – as Pythagoras would have said – and allowed us to focus the attention on how we do deliveries.

Although it is a routine passage, it is a quality routine and deserves being described to those who don’t know as well as to those who know it already.

The values that guide the choice of packaging at TWT

TWT packaging is based on the corporate values of precision, respect, quality.

  • Precision: each package is prepared as if it were the only one.
  • Respect: we make sure the tool is protected and cared for, with the respect due to the product and to the recipient.
  • Quality: it’s implicit that we care about providing properly made packaging. TWT packaging is an element of quality and design.

In fact, we added a touch of…

We added a touch of elegance to the graphics of the external packaging and a good dose of innovation. To do this we turned to the new technologies in packaging materials to provide state of the art products in terms of performance and of environmental sustainability.

How you will receive your order

All milling bodies have a coating of protective liquid and every tool is wrapped in nylon sheets. The outer packaging consists in a cardboard box with TWT serigraphy the filling of which has been designed specifically.

You will find a mixture of easily recyclable polyurethane foam that embraces the tools, adjusting to their shape and blocking their movement inside the box.

As a result, the shipment is protected from shocks and scratches and respects the product’s level of quality. And it is nice to look at. Oh, and naturally, no surprise there, it is well made, as is customary with TWT people!

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