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ÈThe interactive “brochure” of Laser.S is online. Laser.S is the first new tool of the TWT era, a solution which is also given space in the first 2021 issue of Xylon through an advertisement and a press release.

Laser.S: the name was specifically chosen because Laser means technology, precision, effectiveness. Here you have a new concept tool for the production of wooden windows that brings together and to an innovative level the experience of the three companies that gave life to TWT: Zuani, Rekord and Garniga.

Laser.S helps door and window manufacturers to produce better and increase the competitiveness of their products on the markets.

The 3 great benefits of Laser.S

  1. Better finishing of the product surface.
    Thanks to the cutting geometries specifically designed we obtain the most efficient result in each process and we significantly  improve the chip evacuation. A precise and reliable axial self-centering system, on both standard and profiled knives, eliminates any imperfection during the machining process.
  2. Greater savings and higher productivity.
    The Laser.S tool is well known for its great simplicity of use, reducing machine downtimes for knives changes and assuring a better organization of the inserts stock management. This simplification combined with the increase in cutting speed and feeds can significantly increase productivity.
  3. Lower maintenance costs.
    Thanks to a reduced number of screws used on each locking wedge, Laser.S grants a faster dismount and reassembling of the inserts. An additional advantageis given by a simplified management of spare parts with QR Code.

In the online brochure you can learn more about the technical characteristics of this new tool. Furthermore, by applying the revolutionary design of the 4Life inserts to the Laser.S, suggested for deep material removals in a single pass, the roughing and finishing knives can work simultaneously, giving levels of coordination and efficiency to the cutting process, never reached before.

Laser.S - innovative woodworking tool

The division of the knives position reduces considerably the loads on the motor shaft. The particular cutting angle and the reduced distance between the cutting edges effectively prevents micro-vibrations of the tool, safeguarding the product being processed. The special inserts position reduces the chippings during the tenoning phase, and guarantees an excellent grade of finishing along the grain.

Each finishing knife has a double sharpening and it’s coated with the exclusive NaDia DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), combination of features that ensure maximum precision and component durability. This coating allows to maintain the initial cutting quality for many meters more than that obtained from the same uncoated insert, thus reducing the replacements of the roughing inserts to once every 4 maintenance operations.

The perfect match between the 4Life system together with NaDia DLC Coating, gives to the Laser.S a significant reduction of wear, saving in this way in machine downtime for knives change. Which are the benefits? The increase of the normal plant productivity and simplified maintenance operations.

Explore the interactive brochure to discover all the benefits of Laser.S.

Brochure Laser.S, innovative woodworking tool
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