Safe processes make it possible: autonomous night shifts are the order of the day at the TWT tool manufacturer in Rovereto.

It is pitch dark in the production room. One barely recognises the outlines of the machines in the dim light of the lamps. No wonder, seeing it’s way past ten p.m.! No operator visible, and yet production goes on at TWT s.r.l..

The lights of the operator terminal, the arm of the clamp that is changing a new tool, and the light hum of the grinding machines and of the CNC processing stations prove it. Once again, a night shift has been conducted to complete an order for the milling of insert slots and for processing the cutter bodies.

The family-run company TWT of Rovereto can offer its clientele models of tools for the production of wooden windows and doors as well as its experience in highly automated manufacturing processes including autonomous production. The project of Rauh Fensterbau GmbH, that today is capable of producing up to 120 different systems, is an excellent example of the various concepts of single tools implemented for clients from all over the world.

With its 51 employees, TWT s.r.l. is a family-run company of manageable proportions. However, thanks to its specialisation in tools for the manufacturing of wooden windows and doors, the company ranks third among the leading companies operating on the European market in this sector.

In order to be able to position itself successfully on the international market against significantly larger competitors, this company applies a strict quality policy that includes all of its employees.

TWT also is always capable of attracting attention thanks to its new tool concepts, coating technologies and its very high flexibility, that all contribute to building loyalty among its clients.

The company is also capable of doing this with the Laser HP (High Performance) system of tools that will be presented to the public at the next Fensterbau.

“Because not only we can present a product that speaks for itself, but also offer a solution that establishes the new standard for high speed processing at over 120 metres per second” Filippo Pellitteri, the TWT Managing Director, explains.

TWT has developed a completely new system of tools with the intention not only of achieving high speed cutting with low noise levels but also of guaranteeing regular operation and therefore high surface quality.

The company has steadfastly pursued its “zero tolerance strategy”. The screws normally used to fasten the cutters generate additional tolerances. It has therefore developed a radial fastening system in which the screw no longer affects dimensional accuracy.
When the knives are inserted they are pushed into the correct position by built-in springs. Moreover, the knives are put in place axially via a slot.

Instead of sintered cutters, the round bars made of H5 ground carbide (tolerance 0-8 micrometres) are used as basic components that are used also for the millers.

All fastening screws can be reached horizontally. Only one tool is required to install the cutters. This eliminates the recesses required with vertical screw connections.

All this results in the compact design of the body of the tool base with extensively closed disks, which translates into significantly reduced turbulence and therefore lower noise as well as better chip evacuation.

The tools are already being used by pilot clients and all testing has proved successful. The spare parts warehouse is currently being set up in Rovereto and will be ready for delivery in March.

The solution for mechanical engineering

With the new patent pending system of tools, the tool manufacturer interfaces with the machine manufacturer because the machinery that reaches its limit with conventional tools due to the vibrations they generate can be used instead with the Laser HP system at very high speeds without the need for a heavier body. Before presenting it at the next Fensterbau, the tool system should be presented to the manufacturers of window production machinery.

The charm of a family-run company

TWT was created in the mid 2016 from the merger of the three Italian companies Garniga, Rekord and Zuani. All three have been involved for decades in the development and production of tools for the manufacturing of wooden doors and windows.Administration and production have been brought together in what were previously the Zuani headquarters.

For a while, the company was run jointly by Filippo Pellitteri, the Zuani CEO, and Mario Baldo, the Rekord CEO. Baldo has recently retired, just a few months ago. Taking into account their various levels of notoriety in each market, the two brands Zuani and Rekord have been maintained.

The company founded by the Galvagni and Zuani families and Filippo Pellitteri features the classical virtues of a family-run enterprise: very high flexibility, a marked inventive spirit, fast decision-making and short reaction times, as well as a close relationship with its clientele.

The Management consists of Alberto, Christian, Massimiliano, Tomas Zuani and Silvia Galvagni, the five descendants of the company’s founders. They are in charge of key sectors such as production, internal service management, export market sales management and technical development.

“We are one large family. All of our employees know us. Thanks to the very high level of identification with the company and to the excellent workplace climate, we have practically no fluctuation”, Christian Zuani claims.

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